Letter: Vote Lickley for House Seat 25A

Letter: Vote Lickley for House Seat 25A

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We support Laurie Lickley for Idaho House of Representative District 25A. Laurie is a hardworking, thoughtful candidate who will represent our district with honesty and integrity. She will bring a fresh voice to Boise, taking into consideration what is best for Idaho students, as well as Idaho educators. Running on a platform of strong families and communities, she supports education — understanding the importance of a strong education for our children’s futures. As veteran educators in the Magic Valley, we are excited to hear her voice speak for a stronger education for Idaho’s children.

Laurie is an honest, hardworking rancher, not afraid to get her hands dirty through hard work. Her experience working with the Idaho Cattle Association brings a depth of knowledge and experience of the ag industry that few other candidates possess. With the best interests of the people of the Magic Valley at the forefront of her decision-making, her strength lies in her ability to listen to issues and hear all sides. If she doesn’t know the answer, she takes the time to research the issue and find answers that are best for the people of our community.

Many people running for public office want to tell you what you should think about the issues. Laurie listens to what you think, what you want and what you need. She listens to all stakeholders and then makes a sound decision. She will do a great job for us in Boise. Please vote Laurie Lickley for District 25A State Representative on May 15.

Marvin and Denise Mumm


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